I'm just like you, your just like me, so why can't anybody see, im not that fat, im not that skinny, im not that ugly, im not that pretty, but i'm human, not a stress ball, I can't take anymore...If only I could disapear...


1. I'm Abbey and welcome to my "perfect" life

          Hi i'm Abbey, somedays im too fat, somedays im too skinny, somedays i'm too ugly, somedays i'm too pretty. Somedays i'm too weird somedays too i'm normal, somedays i'm too lazy somedays im too formal. That's what people say, I learn things abouyt myself that I didn't even know, apperently i'm emo, I cut, my parents abuse me and hate me, apperently i'm not a virgin. I'm a victim... well thats what the scars on my arm spell out.

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