Lovely Killer

Autumn is an assassin. And not just any one. She is the best female assassin out there, and is called on a very important mission. She is to grow close to Harry Styles from One Direction, and learn everything he can about him. After she reports back, she is supposed to kill him. Why, she doesn't know. But if she can't go through with it, she'll be killed, along with Harry.


6. To dance or not to dance.

Harry's POV. 

Man, the effect this girl had on me was crazy. Her strawberry blonde hair flowed down her back, making me want to run my hand through it. Harry, stop! This was Walter St Clouds niece, she had to be trouble. But she seemed so nice, so sweet. Maybe she was different than the rest of the St Clouds. I guess we'll see. 

Autumn's POV

Dinner was amazing, and Harry was clearly trying to charm the pants off me. And it was working. He was so sweet, and made me laugh atleast 100 times throughout dinner. After dessert was served, the music started playing and couples moved to the dance floor. "Eliza, would you like to dance?" Harry asked seductively, holding out his arm. I nodded and grabbed onto the crook of his arm. We walked to the dance floor an Harry placed one hand on the small of my back, and grabbed my hand with the other. An electric shock passed between us and I gasped. Harry must have felt it to because he tightened his grip on my back, pulling me closer to him. He rested his chin in the crook of my neck and inhaled. "You smell so sweet, Eliza. Like, sugar cookies." Good thing he couldn't see me, because my face was bright red. "You smells likes cloves and cinnamon Harry. It reminds me of the place I grew up." And in truth, it did. My childhood home was a happy, joyful place. He smiled and leaned his head on mine, giving him access to my neck. Covered by our tangle of hair, nobody could see when he started to gently kiss my neck. I clawed at his back and he laughed quietly, sending yet more chills up my spine. Returning his attention to my neck, he began nipping and sucking gently. My knees began to get week, though I couldn't speak as Harry continued the sensual torture. "H-H-Harry stop." I demanded. He immediately pulled away and looked in my eyes. "Look Eliza, I'm clearly attracted to you, and you're clearly attracted to me. I don't see what's stopping you." Oh god what was I supposed to say? I couldn't be attracted to him because I was going to end up killing him? No. "It's're in public and my uncles watching and I don't know you..." I sighed. "I get the first two, but I honestly think it doesn't matter if you know me. We both feel that spark. Don't tell me you don't". His bright green eyes gazed into mine, and my heart melted. What was happening?! I had known this boy for 2 hours and I was already falling for him. This was so bad, I had to kill him. What if I just ignore these feelings, but I still have to get close to him. I mean, Im supposed to become his public girlfriend. Ill just have to get over him. "Let's go somewhere else. Somewhere more private." I said, trying to sound seductive but ending up sounding worried. I don't think Harry picked up on my nervousness and he grabbed my hand, leading me to the back of the ball room. As we walked by our table, Mr. Saint Cloud caught my eye and winked. As we exited the room, the tension grew. Harry led me through a corridor than through another door, into a room that slightly resembled a hotel lobby, just a smaller scale. "What is this place?" I questioned, plunk down not-so-gracefully on a plush blue couch. "This is usually my dressing room when we preform here. It's pretty nice eh?" I laughed. "Oh right, I forgot you were a singer." I giggled. "I have actually never had a girl forget that before. It's quite charming." He joked, sitting down on the couch next to me. "How so?" I questioned, leaning back on the couch and getting as comfortable as I could in this dress. "It just kinda seems like you're not interested in me for my game or my money", he said, suddenly turning serious. "I'm not like that Harry, I wouldn't care wether your rich or poor, famous or not. None of that stuff matters to me." But it used to. All that stuff used to matter to me, but I wasn't about to tell him that. "So Eliza, why did you want to go somewhere more private?" He laughed poking me in the ribs. I blushed again, forgetting my words. "Because I know why I would want to bring you somewhere more private." he said, leaning closer and placing a hand on my leg. Yet more chills were sent down my spine. "And why is that, Mr. Styles?" I asked, this time sounding seductive. "So I could do this," and he crashed his lips against mine. Huger, passion and desire infiltrated his soft kisses. He placed his hands around my waist, pulling me on top of his so I was sitting astride him. Pushing my hands into his curly locks our make out session grew even more passionate, and I could soon feel Harry's erection pressed into my bottom. Soon after my realization, he slowly reached up and began to unzip my dress. I pulled away quickly. If I wanted him to fall in love with me, I couldn't have him thinking I'm just and easy one night stand. "Harry stop. Not now. Not like this." He pulled back, disappointed. "Harry, I'm not that kind of girl. I don't do one night stands. Im sorry". He seemed to understand. I was pulled off of his lap and set back down next to him. "I don't was this to be a one night stand Eliza. I really like you, you've got spunk. And you're not afraid to be yourself around me". Oh thank god he was falling for me to. I mean, he was falling for me. I couldn't fall for him. Not ever.  "So, uh. You wanna go out sometime?" he asked, this time him being the one to blush. "Oh, Mr. Styles, I would love to go on a date with you." 

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