Lovely Killer

Autumn is an assassin. And not just any one. She is the best female assassin out there, and is called on a very important mission. She is to grow close to Harry Styles from One Direction, and learn everything he can about him. After she reports back, she is supposed to kill him. Why, she doesn't know. But if she can't go through with it, she'll be killed, along with Harry.


5. The ball.


I was pretty, pampered, and dressed, waiting for Mr. Saint Cloud at the base of the grand entrance. He came slowly down the stairs, wearing a tuxedo and holding a silver cane. "Why Autumn, you look amazing", he said, his eyes traveling down my body. "Thankyou Mr. Saint Cloud, you look very nice aswell" I said, trying to sound as sincere as possible. "Just a question though sir, why did you ask me to accompany you to the ball?" I asked. " You're meeting Harry tonight," he said puzzled. "Did no one tell you?" "No sir!" I said shocked. That damn messenger probably left that detail out of the message since I attacked him. This was going to be a tough night. Good thing I didn't procrastinate on my Styles studying! "So darling, what's your name? Surely you aren't going by Autumn?!" Mr. Saint Cloud spoke, as he led me out the door to the waiting limo. Of corse I had thought ahead, knowing Autumn wouldn't be an acceptable name. "I thought I would just go by the name I usually use, Brittany or Krystal", I said. A look of horror crossed his face. "Oh no! You can't go by anything of the sort, you sound like a prostitute!", he said aghast. "What do you think I should be called than, Mr. Saint Cloud?" I questioned. "Well, something innocent, something cute. Ah! I've got it! Eliza. Perfect!" Hmm, Eliza. That didn't sound too bad. "And what about my last name sir", I said, giving him the option to choose. "Give me a minute dear, get this old brain working! Aha! Flemming. Your last name shall be Flemming. Perfect!" Eliza Flemming, I thought. This guy was good, this name sounded pretty legitimate. "We'll than sir, with my new name worked out, shall we go?"  


Mr. Saint Cloud led me into the ball room. It was decorated gold, champagne, and pale pink, with accents of navy blue. It was gorgeous. Keeping my professional manner, I mentally ogled the decorations, the dresses, and the people around me. A waiter walked over and gave us champagne, which I gladly took. This job was making me nervous, surprisingly, and that champagne calmed my jumpy nerves. "I'll introduce you to afew people as my niece, and than it will be time or dinner.", Mr. Saint Cloud spoke quietly.  ~ The bells chimed, indicating it was time for everyone to make there way to the dinner tables. I had yet to meet Harry, though I thought I kept getting glimpses of his curly hair, though it could have been anyone. Mr. Saint Cloud guided me to a table near the front of the room, which was one of the more fancier tables. I had figured out that the less important people ate at the back, while the more important people ate at the front. We were the first ones there, so we got a seat facing the stage of the ball room. More people joined us until the table was full except for one seat, the one on my right. As I was talking to the woman next to Mr. Saint Cloud, a jolt alerted me to the presence beside me. I turned around and there beside me sat a curly haired god. Oh man, pictures did not do this boy justice. I stopped my gaping an collected myself before introducing myself. "Hi, how are you?" I asked. He seemed surprised someone was talking to him, almost nervous. He spun around an gave me a once over, sending chills up my spine. Wow, a man had never effected me like this, and I kind of enjoyed it. Apparently please with what he saw, Harry gave me a huge grin and stuck out his hand. "Im great, now" he said with a wink. "The names Harry Styles. And who are you?"  "Eliza. Eliza Flemming". "We'll Eliza it's great to meet you," he leaned closer to me, " I thought I would have to endure the drivel of these old folk all by myself tonight, but it's looks like for once I have and accomplice." Oh god, he smelled so good. Not like cologne, he clearly wasn't wearing any, but more like cloves, and cinnamon. "I was thinking the exact same thing, Mr. Styles." I murmured in his ear. "Oh please, Ms. Flemming, call me Harry." Boy, he sure knew how to play games. Good thing I knew how to play them back. "Only if you call me Eliza, Mr. Styles". He laughed, the sexy sound quieting the table. It looked as if none of these people had never heard him laugh before. Mr. Saint Cloud brought their attention back to him, bless his heart. "You're quite the attention drawer, Eliza". My name sounded so hot when it came from his mouth. "I believe, Harry, that it was your laugh that drew their attention". I could tell from his heavy breath that I had the same affect on him that he had on me.

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