Lovely Killer

Autumn is an assassin. And not just any one. She is the best female assassin out there, and is called on a very important mission. She is to grow close to Harry Styles from One Direction, and learn everything he can about him. After she reports back, she is supposed to kill him. Why, she doesn't know. But if she can't go through with it, she'll be killed, along with Harry.


4. Makeover.


3 days later....; 

I now know everything there is to know about Harry Styles. Everything. I even know where he buys his condoms. I just didn't know how I was meeting Harry, Mr. Saint Cloud has yet to tell me. It'll probably be like me getting a backstage pass to a concert or something like that. I was walking down the stairs from my room when I almost walked right into someone. I instantly elbowed him in the nose and pushed him down the stairs, thinking I was being attacked. "Stop! I'm just delivering a message from Mr. SaintCloud!" He yelled, just as I was about to jump on him and break him arm. "Oh. Sorry. This is just instinct when someone doesn't announce themself or scares me. What does Mr. SaintCloud want?" I asked, helping the poor guy up. Serves him right though, you should never sneak up on an assassin. "There's a ball tonight, and he wishes you to accompany him. He says it's part of your job". Hmmm that's weird. He probably just wants some arm candy to show off to the rest of his old man friends. "There is a car outside waiting to take you hopping to get a dress, than you'll be taken to have your hair, makeup and nails done". Wow he's going all out. "Alright. Show me the way" ~ The car drove up to a small, beautiful building, just off a side street. "There is a personal shopper waiting in there for you. When your done, just have them page me, I won't be far". The shop on the inside was as beautiful as the outside. Wall to wall white carpet, walls and ceiling, with complicated crystal accents. The walls were lined with dresses of every color. "Ahem, are you Autumn?"   I turned around and there stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Short blond hair, sapphire green eyes, and high cheek bones. "Uh yes, that's me". I prepared for a snarky remark, what I would expect from someone who looked like her, but she surprised me. "Oh thank God. I'm Maralisse.  I cannot wait, to find you a dress! You are going to look great for this ball!" She smiled a breathtaking smile, and grabbed my hand. "I've already picked out 5 or 6 dresses, but you can browse the racks if you want!" She said, beaming at me. "Uh no no, your fashion sense is probably a lot better than mind. Ill let you choose!" I laughed. "Ok than let's go start trying some on!" She tugged on my hand an I followed her into the back of the store. I don't know why, but I liked her, and I usually don't like girls very much. We tried on dress after dress, from green to pink, velvet to silk, finding none that seemed right until I tried on the red silk strapless dress. It was long, trailing out behind me when I walked, the back was open and dipped to the bottom of my spine, only held up by a think chain of diamonds (yes, real diamonds!). Even I loves this dress, there was no arguing, this was the one. Maralisse hugged me and rushed me out of the store and back into my car. The best place I went was to get my hair done. The salon was glamorous, as expected. The very gay stylist marveled over my rare strawberry blonde hair, and did it to perfection, parted in the middle and barrel curls cascading over my shoulders and down my back. 

My makeup was done to look natural, and my nails we French manicured. I was ready to go.  

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