Lovely Killer

Autumn is an assassin. And not just any one. She is the best female assassin out there, and is called on a very important mission. She is to grow close to Harry Styles from One Direction, and learn everything he can about him. After she reports back, she is supposed to kill him. Why, she doesn't know. But if she can't go through with it, she'll be killed, along with Harry.


1. Garroted.

He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my ass. Ugh. I hated this part. He hiked my dress up and ran his hand along my breasts. "Oh baby. You know how to make me happy", he spoke softly, his voice slimy, making me cringe. "Let me show you what else I can do baby" I cooed. I spun him around so his back was to me. I slipped the thin wire from around my wrist and wrapped it once around each hand. "Oh girl! Show me what you can do!" He moaned, getting turned on by barely anything. I quickly flipped my hands over his head and pulled. It took him a moment to realize what was going on. His hands flew up to his neck, trying to pull the garrote away. Too late. It took longer than usual for him to die, because the wire struggled to push through the thick layer of fat on his neck. He fell to his knees, and I spun around in front of him, wrapping the wire around once more and looking him in the eyes. "You broke the deal. Mr. Robinson wishes you well in death". His eyes widened as I whispered the name, and I gave one final tug of the garrote, finishing him off. He fell on his face. Great. Now I have to pull this body down the stairs and to the river. I grabbed him by his fat wrists and tugged. He didn't budge. Fuck. I pulled out my phone and dialed a number. I heard the click of the answering machine. Aiden never answered. "Aid, I need some help. The package is heavy, I can't budge it." I flicked my phone shut and wait for the call. My phone vibrated. "I'll be there in 2, I'm a floor above you." He whispered, than hung up. Seconds later, I heard a light knock on the door. I walked over and opened it. "Good job Autumn, now get out of here. There's a blue Jag out front, keys in the console. Drive to the subway and take the #5. June will meet you there." He had to be kidding me. "No! This is my job, I have to at least HELP clean up!". He just looked at me. "Go, Autumn" he said seriously. I glared at him and walked out the door. ~ Out front was exactly what he had said. A blue Jag, the keys in the console. I got in and started it, the engine humming perfectly. I realized when I sat down how short this damn dress really was. I'm finding a bathroom before I get in the #5. I drive to the subway station and parked the car far back from the tunnel entrance. I walked, removing my 5 inch red stilettos about half way. I hated when I had to dress like a slut, one of the disadvantages if being who I am. I slipped silently down the stairs into the empty station. I clutched my bag to my chest, being eyed by the occasional passing person. It's not like I was scared. I could kill them 300 different ways in 3 seconds. I just had to play the part. When u found a both room, I opened the stall door, and was confronted with disgust. God I hated unlucky washrooms. I placed my purse on the back if the toilet, reached in, an pulled out a pair of black and white Aztec tights, and a dark blue sweatshirt. I pulled of the dress an put my normal clothes on. I walked to the mirror and fixed up my makeup. Walking out of the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of someone quickly run around the corner. Great, I was being followed.
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