Lovely Killer

Autumn is an assassin. And not just any one. She is the best female assassin out there, and is called on a very important mission. She is to grow close to Harry Styles from One Direction, and learn everything he can about him. After she reports back, she is supposed to kill him. Why, she doesn't know. But if she can't go through with it, she'll be killed, along with Harry.


3. Exploring.


I wouldn't be officially meeting Harry for afew days, so I had this time to explore the guest wing of the St. Cloud mansion. In the kitchen, there was a huge marble island, a huge stove and another oven in the wall, black cupboards, and dark wood flooring. Even though the rooms differed so much, they all kind if matched in an odd way. The next room was empty,except for another spiral staircase, this time red.  I walked up, and was mesmerized. Another wall to wall white room, but it was so much more beautiful. A huge canopy bed, silver walls, a ginormous white wood chest sitting at the end of the bed, and three more silver door. I walked through the one on the right, and was met by a BEAUTIFUL and HUGE bathroom. A stone in ground hot tub sat in the middle, and two door led to the shower and a toilet. I walked out of the bathroom and went through the next door. A huge balcony with An amazing sunset view awaited me. God, I could get used to this. 

After exploring the rest of the house, I had gone back up to the huge white room and found one of the laptops up there, hidden in a sandy white wooden desk. Sitting down on the plush bed, I open the laptop to safari. Google was the first place I visited when I was learning about a target who was in the we of the media. I typed in "Harry Styles". The story at the top of the page says "Harry and Taylor over? Read more about #Haylor". I clicked on the link. So apparently he just got out if a relationship with Taylor Swift. Good, this would make getting close to him a lot easier, and I never really liked Taylor Swift anyways. So that's how I spent my night. Reading about Harry Styles, his band, his friends, his history, and his past with girls. I just couldn't figure out why he was wanted dead. He clearly wasn't into drugs, so there was no debt on his part. Maybe a family member? Who knows! Maybe I should hack into the police system, and see if he has a criminal record. That's easy, so ill check there.  A/N Heey guys! Sorry I haven't  in FOREVER! I have be soooo busy lately, though I did get alot if writing done, I just havnt had a chance to upload it yet! ill try to add atleast 2 chapters a week from now on! &&&& PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK <3 

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