One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


22. Zayn for Tara (romantic/long) FOOD FIGHT

Zayn's POV

We were all sitting in the lunch room eating as usual. I kept staring at Tara from the corner of my eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her pretty face was making my heart pump louder. Her eyes were just like mine. I knew she was the one. I loved her so much. We were good friends. We hanged out sometimes, but I knew I wanted more. 

I was interrupted by loud noises coming from the other end of my table. We glanced to see a couple fighting. A few were cheering too. The girl threw a piece of cookie on him. He threw something I couldn't see that well. "Food Fight!" somebody yelled. Everyone cheered and I glanced at Tara. She seemed excited. This was my chance, I thought.  

We were all dirty with food on our bodies and I went over to Tara and asked her,"Chocolate or Vanilla?" She looked confused but answered. "Chocolate." I smiled and took a little chocolate cake from my right hand and put it gently on her cheek.

She blushed hard. I smirked. I slowly whispered in her ears,"I like you, Tara" "I like you too, Zayn." I was so happy! We hugged even though we were dirty. I kissed her cheek and licked the chocolate of her face. She giggled. 

That's how our wonderful relationship started.


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