One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


24. Zayn for Kimberly(sweet/long) IN TROUBLE TOGETHER

Zayn's POV

"There...we did it." I whispered to Kimberly. "I know...lets run" she said. We ran out of the lunch room holding hands and laughing until we caught our breath. "Oh my gawwdd!!" She laughed and laughed. "This was so funny!" I said laughing. "Did you see the look on her face?" "Yeah...So funny." "She was like, OMG My clothes.." "I know.." I said as I stared at her while she kept laughing.

I stopped laughing. I stared at her again. She hadn't stopped. She was like an angel, who was sent on earth, just for me. I wish I could tell her I love her. "I love you." I say without thinking. She stops giggling. She looks at me straight in the eyes. Ooops! What did I do? 

Before she could answer, we got a message from one of the staff. "Excuse me, are you Zayn and Kimberly?" We nodded. "Good, the principal's calling you both, now." We both looked at each other in shock. We walked in the principal's room. All he said was to stay after school because of what we did. 

~After school~

"Zayn..." Kimberly whispered from behind. "Yeah Kimberly?" "What did you say to me at lunch?" "Erm, Not important." "It is." "I said I love you, Kimberly." "Well, I'll say that I love you too." My heart was beating loudly. I was dancing from inside. Did she REALLY say that? She looked at me and smiled. "So we're dating?" "Yeah, yes we are." "You don't know how much I love you, Kimberly." "I wish I could kiss you." "Me too." 

~After the punishment~

We kissed. It was fireworks bursting inside me. I love her soooooo much. We text every night. It's like we're forever together, and I know we are.

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