One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


7. Niall for Siabhon (sweet/long) THIS GIRL I LIKE...

Niall's POV

"So this girl I lik---" "OMG! You like a girl after so much time!" Louis interrupted. "Louis! Let me finish for god's sake!" "Oh yeah sorry..go on." "So this girl I like is really pretty and--" "Oooh..she's pretty huh?" Harry said. "Guys please I need your help. So for the last time,SHUT UP!" "Oh ok....looks like your quite serious about her.." Liam told. "Ok, so her name is Siabhon." "Siabhon! You gotta be kidding me!" Zayn said. "Wait, you mean our Cinnabon!!" "Yup.." "That's so great! Go tell her! She likes you too,Niall" "How do you know Harry?" "She told me like 2 weeks ago." "Ok. I'm gonna do it."

*Cinnabon's House*

I need to tell her. I keep reminding myself. I ring the doorbell and she opens the door looking down. I lift her chin up and look at her. "Hey Niall!" "Ummm, Hey Cinnabon, I need to talk to you." "Yeah, tell me." "'s this girl I like..." Before saying anything else, I just look at her to see her face, which looks sad."What happened cinnabon? You alright?" "Uhh..yeah." "No...tell me" "But why?" "Cause I lo--love you." I say stuttering. "What! I love you too." "Seriously? Harry told it to me before but I didnt believe him completely." "Now you do." she says blushing. "Yea.." I say and lean in to kiss her lips. We kiss for a long time and then promise each other that we will be forever together.

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