One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


8. Niall for Kamie (sweet/long) LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Niall's POV

I saw her at the park today. I'm telling you, it was definetly love at first sight. Her green eyes and brown and Blonde hair is so pretty. I love her. Yes I do. I saw her smiling at me and my heart was beating. I wanted to talk to her. Zayn was with me. I borrowed his mirror and made my hair ok. He laughed."Looks like you really like her,Niall don't you?" "Shut up Zayn." I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around with her hair flipping. I remembered the song we wrote last year what makes you beautiful. Then I got an idea. My guitar was kept at the side so I picked it up and started playing what makes you beautiful. She blushed. I then stopped and introduced myself. "Hey, I'm Niall." "Hey, I'm kamie and I know you. I'm a fan of yours." "Oh really! thats nice.You look beautiful by the way." "Thank you." "Do you wanna hang out sometime?" "How about now?" "Yeah. Great time." We hanged out and exchanged numbers. Best day of my life!

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