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20. Niall for Jillian (romantic/long) ENGAGEMENT

Niall's POV

I sat there on the couch dreaming how life would be with Jillian as a wife, as a lover, as mine. I smiled at the thought of her. She's a very pretty girl. A very talented girl. Her pretty eyes, her silky hair, her----"Niall!" I was interrupted by Liam calling from my newly designed closet. "What now, Liam?" "Don't you wanna get ready for your engagement?" "Oh shit!" I said as I ran to my room and started going through what I should wear. "What are you searching for, you need to get ready in a formal suit" "Oh yeah yeah." I say laughing.

~~~At the Engagement~~~

I see Jillian coming with her father in a beautiful wedding dress. Her hair tied in a bun, her face as pretty as a picture. She stands write beside me flashing me her gorgeous smile. I smile back. I was so freaking happy! "Niall, do you accept Jillian as your wife?" "Yes" I say smiling as widely as I can. "Jillian, do you accept Niall as your husband." "Yes" She said blushing deeply. I giggle a bit. She buts her beautiful hand in front of mine and I slowly grab it and put on the ring. She does the same. I slowly lean in to kiss her. "Wait!" says the father. "Now, You may kiss the bride." I smile and lean in to kiss her. She leans in too. We kiss passionately and we pull away. I hug her tight and whisper, "I Love You, My princess" "I love you too, Nialler" I was so happy! I was jumping from inside! 


Hey Jillian!

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