One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


23. Niall for Haven (cute/long) A GIRL WITH IMPERFECTIONS.

Niall's POV

"Princess, remember the day we met?" "The day you helped me out of the bullies?" "Yeah." "It was love at first sight wan't it?" "Of course, Princess." I said hugging her tight and pulling her closer to me.


I was thinking about my dream girl. A girl with imperfections, not Perfect...just a girl with whom I can be ME. "Could you not, please?" I heard a voice as I was walking to my locker. "Stop it! I don't have anything left!" she screams. I start walking faster towards the laughing and teasing noises. Then I see it, a pretty girl standing right at the door with a few guys and girls trying to take her stuff. "Haven! Give me everything, right now!" "No! I won't..who are you to take my stuff away from me?" she screams back. 

Woah. I thought. I've never seen anyone fighting against their bully, especially a beautiful girl like her. I felt like I was already in love. "Stop it! Leave her alone!" I scream. "Oh really? Who are you anyway?" "I'm Niall, if you guys don't stop bothering a wonderful girl like her, then I'll call the principal!" "Fine.." the Guys say. "Leave her alone." They nod. 

"Hi." I say shyly to her. "Hey, thanks for saving me." she says in her beautiful voice. "I'm Haven." "I'm Niall." "Nice to meet you." "Describe yourself, I mean what do you like to do?" "Pretty much depends on my mood, I can be aggressive, happy and bubbly at times." I smile at the thought of it. There I met her, my dream girl. A girl with imperfections. 


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