One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


4. Niall for Felicity (sweet/long) A LONG WALK

Niall`s POV

Felicity and I are having a nice walk at the park at a beautiful evening. She`s my best friend. Though I want her to be my girlfriend. Her brown eyes are really gorgeous. Her hair is so silky and beautiful. "So, Niall do you like anyone yet?" "Yes, I do." I say nervously. "May I ask,who is it?" "Ummm, well---lets go over there where the man is playing guitar." I say trying to change the topic. "Ok." "He plays it really well, doesn`t he?" "Yep, He does." She says. The man plays a really nice song and then stops and says,"Does anyone here know how to play a guitar?" "Go Niall,Go." she whispers to my ear. "Ok, Just for you this time." "I do." I say to the man catching the guitar. "Can you play it better than me?" "Of Course. Let me try." "Ok." He gives me the guitar and I sit down on his little chair and start playing a love song tune. A lot of people gather around me, And I decide This is my only chance to tell Felicity the truth. I start singing "You Belong With Me." in the boys version. I stare at Felicity the whole time I sing. I see she`s kind of blushing. After I finish playing, I gently keep the guitar at the side and bend down in my knees and say,"From the moment I saw you, My life changed. I fell for you and I knew it was love at first sight. I did not believe in love before you. Felicity, Will you be my---" Before I could finish she runs towards me and kisses me passionately on my lips. "Yes, I will Niall." she says. The crowd starts cheering and It was the happiest day in my life!

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