One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


9. Niall for Delany (sweet/long) GUESSING

Niall's POV

I slowly put my hands on my long-time girlfriend Delany's eyes. She looked confused. I winked at my friends just to keep them quiet. They smiled. We were at my friend's party together. "Who is it?" she said softy in her beautiful voice. "Guess who?" I said trying to imitate an elder man's voice. "Niall, you think I wont understand when your soft hands touch mine." "Ugh.." I said groaning. Everyone laughed. She turned around to reveal her gorgeous face. Her curly brown hair beautiful combed and her beautiful amber eyes staring at me. She looked so pretty. "Hello?" she said waving her hand front of my eyes. "Oh, sorry." I said. "Wanna have a walk together?" "Yeah sure." "Common." I said grabbing her hand and taking her to my special place. "This is a special place. No one knows about it, Its only you now." I say to her. She smiles. "Its beautiful." "I knew you would like it." She lays her head on my shoulder and we stare at the stars. I slowly grab her by her waist which maker her face really close to mine. I put my hands on her cheek and lean in to kiss her. My tongue slides into her mouth and we kiss passionately. That night was so special. I love her dearly.

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