One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


26. Niall for Amanda (sweet/long) SLOW DANCE

Niall's POV

A date at the most formal restaurant EVER. I actually like formal places, because I think I look cute with a formal shirt and a bow and stuff like that. Amanda's my date, better known as the love of my life. Best known as my future-wife. 

We got ready and stepped in the car together. Her beautiful red dress flowing as she stepped in. I smile and kiss her forehead. "Ready, love?" "Yeah Nialler!" She giggled. When we reached I opened the car door and said,"Ladies first." she smiled. We sat right near the dance floor. Right? THE DANCE FLOOR.

Many couples were dancing formally while we sat there staring. Later, everyone sat back at their seats. Then I thought of something. "May I?" I said. She looked at me embarassed. "Not now, Nialler. No ones on the dance floor." "I know right? Could it be better?" She blushed tomato red.

I pulled her towards me and we entered the dance floor. "Slow music, please." I told to the guys playing their instruments. 

I grabbed her waist and we danced staring at each others eyes. She was sweating by now. "Love, calm down...just look at me, not other people." "Ok, Nialler." Everyone was staring at us by now. 

I smiled. I pushed her away but got hold of her hand and pulled her back in. It felt like everyones eyes were gonna pop out!

We finished dancing and everyone gave us a standing ovation. I was happy, so was Amanda. If she's happy, I'm happy.

"How was it?" I whispered. "Great!" she said and pecked my lips slowly. I smiled happily. Could my day go any better?

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