One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


28. Louis for Savannah (sweet/long) WATER BALLOON FIGHT

Louis's POV

It's Harry's birthday tonight and Savannah and I are going together. Everybody thinks we're a couple, but honestly we're not. I'm dying to tell her what I feel about her and today I think it's the right time. "Boobear!" "Yeah Savannah!" "How do I look?" "Great!" "Liar?" "No Really!" "Yeah whatever."

She slid her arm inside mine and we walked into the car. We reached to Harry's apartment in a few minutes. Harry welcomed us and then he announced,"Here we are! To the water balloon fight!" "What?" Savannah whispered to me almost shocked. "What happened?" "I dressed up so nice and now this is what happens a water bal--" Before she could finish, I threw a water balloon at her, laughing.

"Louis William Tomlinson!" "What?" I said laughing. "I'm not gonna spare you!" "Catch me if you can?" She giggled and ran behind me. I ran faster and I fell into Harry's pool. "Haha Lou!" She said laughing. "You think this is funny?" I said adjusting my hair. "Yeah Totally!" She giggled again and I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside the water. 

"Oh My Gosh!" She squealed. "Yeah yeah!" I said. "I hate you, Louis." she said. I smiled and pulled her toward me. I grabbed her arm and wrapped it around my neck and before she could say anything, I kissed her.

Our lips touching and kissing passionately. I pulled away and hugged her. She giggled. "I Love You, Boo!" She said. "Ah that rhymes!" "Haha!" I kissed her again and whispered in her ear,"I love you too, Savannah."


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