One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


32. Louis for Rilee (sweet/long) CAR WASH AT HOME

Louis's POV

It's so hot today. I feel like I've burned myself up. Why not clean the car? That's when Rilee entered. Her beautiful face, her sweet voice. I get crazy! She's got me so mesmerized and hypnotised. Oh god, What would I do without her?

"Ughh, I'm so tired." Rilee chirped. "What did you do?" "Nothing." "Then how are you so tired, Rilee?" "Louis, Can't you see it's so hot here!" "I know, that's why I'm cleaning our car." "How does that help, Boobear?" "I was bored and our car is a mess so I thought that if I cleaned our car, I could go have a cold shower!" "Umm, Thats cool..can I join you?" "Sure Love."  I said with a smile.

~A few miutes after cleaning~

"This is boring, Louis." She said as she took the hose pipe and started playing with it. "What are you doing, Rilee? You're supposed to be cleaning the car, not wetting yourself up." "I know but I wanna get wet! Wanna join me?" She said giggling. "Haha, No thanks." She giggled again and threw some water on me.

"Rilee, I said no." She laughed and wet me up fully. "Rileeee!" "Haha, Lou that what you deserve for not kissing me." "But you never asked me for a kiss?" "I did, now." I laughed and picked Rilee up in bridal style and straight went to the shower. 

"What are you doing, It was fun out there!" "Stay right here, until I shut the hose pipe." I went and  came back in a few seconds. "So why are we both here in the shower?" "You made me wet, So now it's my turn to make you wet." I said as I switched the shower on and pushed Rilee against the wall and started kissing her.


Sorry, I couldn't update fast. 

I apologize.

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