One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


13. Louis for Kayla (sweet/long) UNDER THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN

Louis's POV

Kayla has been my best friend since a long time. We were together all the time. We both care for each other dearly. I love her to death. She's everything to me. I wanted her to be in my arms always. I guess she doesn't feel the same way. Anyways, we're planning to go to California. The thing is she's dying to see the Hollywood sign and she thinks we can't go there. Its in Los Angeles on Mount Lee and I lied to her saying we're going hiking on Mount Lee cause its special!!!!

"Louis, when are we gonna reach?" said Kayla. "In about 2 hours." "Ok, Boobear!"

*After 2 hours*

We landed and later we reached the Hollywood Sign by hiking all the way up. "Here we are!" "Gosh, Lou can I open my eyes now?" "No.." I slowly grab her hand and kiss her cheek softly. I really can't wait anymore to see her reaction. She slowly opens her eyes and smiles at me. "Do you like it?" "No" I was shocked. "I love it, Lou!" she said. "You bought me all the way up here just to show me this and how wouldn't I love it!" she said pecking my lips softly. "I love you, Boobear!" "You do?" "Yes!!" I lean in and kiss her lips and we slowly deepen the kiss. We kiss passionately and then we later pull away for some breath. I'm so happy I planned this!

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