One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


11. Louis for DJ (sweet/long) THAT BUS!

Louis's POV

"Love, do you remember how we met?" "Yeah Louis." "It was crazy!" "It was like 5 years ago."


I was singing in the concert when I saw a bus go by. A pretty girl with red hair and green eyes looked right at me and smiled. I knew she who she was. She was DJ, my best friend who was leaving me forever by leaving this town. I ran off the stage, and security ran behind me calling me back. I didn't look back and just ran in the direction of the bus. It was kinda crazy. A teen star just running off the stage behind the bus to find his his best friend whom he actually loved so much. Tears rolled down my eyes. I can't let her go without telling her how much I loved her. I ran behind the bus and thankfully it stopped. I turned around to see millions of girls running behind me. Oh, not now! I looked back and was about to climb the bus when it started moving. Thankfully, I got hold on to the bus handle. I moved from one window to another holding it tight. I then found her. She looked at me shocked. God! Why did there have to be a window between us. Everyone stared at me. Of course they would. I was outside the moving bus catching the handle just to find her. The bus stopped again and this time I ran into the bus with my heart beating fast. "Louis! What ar--" "Shhhh" I said slowly putting my finger on her lips. I bend down on my knees in front of the whole crowd and I said, "Don't go without me. Don't leave me out here all alone. I love you, DJ. Will you be my girlfriend?" I said. She looked at me blushing. I always wanted to tell that to you, but I wasn't sure." she said. "Now you are." I said kissing her lips passionately. The crowd cheered happily.

*Flashback over*

"Wonderful memories." I said. "Still are, Lou." she said kissing me.

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