One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


30. Liam for Maddie (romantic/long) COUPLES VIDEO

Liam's POV

"Maddie come here, Now!" "What happened?" She said coming into our room. "Come here, sit beside me!" "Whats wrong with you Li-Li?" "Love, I just wanna make a couples video of us together, you know?" "Oh, but suddenly..?" "Yeah, I want all my fans to know how much I love you!" "Great!" she said smiling.

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cheek. She instantly looked at me confused. "Babe what are you doing?" "Nothing." I said. She didn't know that the camera was catching all our Memorable moments. I laughed at the thought of that.

"What?" she said, still confused. "Maddie..." I whispered in her ear givivng her goosebumps. She smirked and kissed me on the lips. I laughed and she giggled. "Shhhh." I said again whispering. "For what?" "I love you, Maddie." I said.

"Liam, I'm getting quite confused you know, When are we gonna start shooting for the video?" "We are" "We are!" "Yes, love" "Oh god! I could have dressed up for this." You look beautiful as always." She blushed tomato red and  I kissed her cheek. 

She giggled and I smiled and hugged her tight. "Lets cuddle." "Ok" she said giggling. I kissed her once again and we said goodbye to the camera or supposedly the people who are gonna see us later.

The next day we were called 'THE MOST CUTEST COUPLE EVER!" by J-14 Magazine and also by Sugarscape!

WooHoo! I love Maddie so much.

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