One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


12. Liam for Lauren (sweet/long) FERRIS WHEEL KISS

Liam's POV

Today, Laura and I plan on going to the fair. Its gonna be a great day! "Laura!" "Yes Liam?" "Are you ready, love?" "Almost, sweetheart!" After sometime, she came looking beautiful. Her face looking absolutely pretty. 

*At the Fair*

"Love, you hungry?" "Kinda.." "Wanna have some cotton candy?" "Would love to." I went and bought some. "Why one?" "I thought we'll share." I said making puppy dog eyes. "Awww, Let's share!" We had some cotton candy and decided to go on the Ferris Wheel. "Will you hold my hand, Liam?" "All the time." "Thanks, sweetheart." "Here are the tickets." I say to the guy collecting them. "Ah! A couple. Hope you enjoy guys.." "Thanks." I said holding Laura's hand tightly. We went inside and the Ferris wheel. It started moving slowly . Suddenly, We were on the top and the Ferris wheel stopped. I looked down at the man collecting tickets, and he winked at me. Oh...I get it. I put my hand on Laura's cheek and before she could understand anything, I kissed her passionately. Our tongues sliding into each others and we kept kissing. The Ferris wheel slowly moved and we pulled apart. "Liam, I always wanted to that.." "Well, you happy now?" "Yeah. I love you Liam." "I love you too, Laura." 

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