One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


19. Liam for Erin (sweet/long) VALENTINE'S DAY

Liam's POV

"It's a special, special, special day!" Harry screams. "Really, Hazza?" "You need to find a girl,Liam" I ignore him. I already had plans. I was gonna tell my best friend that I loved her. "Erin!!!" I scream from across the hallway. "Yeah, Big guy" "Haha!" "What happened?" "Nothing, Can we meet at the park today?" "Yeah fine.."


I get ready wearing a red shirt with red pants and red sneakers. I had to impress her today.


There she comes. "Heyy" "H-Hi" I say nervously scratching the back of my head. "So, you want me to give you some tips on how to impress a girl?" "No Silly" I said laughing. "Then what?" "Nothing, Can I ask you a question?" "Yeah" "How do you wan't a guy to ask you out, Erin?" She shuts her eyes and tries to imagine. "Well, he should bend down in his knees with his body in perfect posture and a big smile on his face, he should give me a bouquet of red roses and a kiss, That's i--" Before she could finish I bend down in my knees with a perfect posture and smiled widely and gave her the bouquet of roses I had brought and I said, "From the moment I met you, Everything changed. I knew I was in love. I had to get you, But I was scared. But today, I wanna say these loving words to you with all my heart.....Erin, I Love You" She smiled. Tears formed in her eyes. She leaned in and slowly pecked my lips. Fireworks burst through my body. "I love you too, Liam" I knew SHE WAS THE ONE.


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