One direction Imagines

All kinds of imagines would be available here. Hope you enjoy guys!
Not for young movellians.


2. Liam for Alyssa (sweet/long) MOVIE NIGHT

Liam and Alyssa were dating each other for a year now.Fans even said they were made for eachother. Alyssa was waiting for Liam to come home after a really long tour.Alyssa had made everything ready.She had made sure Liam`s favorite movie would be played when he arrives! Alyssa had worn a bright red dress in order to welcome her boyfriend. She waited and waited,he still didn`t come.Alyssa got really worried. She decided to call a cab and wait at the airport. The moment she opened the door she bumped into someone."Oh,Im sorry." He said. "Liam!Babe I missed you so much." She said giving him a tight hug."Alyssa,love I missed you tons!" Alyssa and Liam kissed passionately for a while.

"Wanna watch Toy story!?" "Yeah but I just bought us two tickets to watch the movie you wanted to watch for a while." "Seriously?" "Yeah." "Liam,You gotta be kidding me." "No I`m not,love." Alyssa and Liam went to the movies and to Alyssa`s surprise,the whole theater was empty! "Liam,Why is the theater empty?Is the movie so bad?" "No silly,The whole theater is only booked for us." "You did that!Liam I love you so much." "I love you too Alyssa." Alyssa waited for the movie to start. When the screen came on,the commercials werent there! It were videos of Fans telling how much they love Liam and Alyssa together.There were even videos of Liam telling the interviewers how much he loved her.When Alyssa was so surprised, Liam just stared and kept smiling at her to see her reaction."Liam,I dont believe this,You seriously did all this?" "Yes love,Just to tell you how much I love and care for you." "Liam your my everything and always will be." He kissed her on the lips and they cuddled together the rest of the movie.

*Authors Note*

Hope you liked it,Alyssa!

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