LOST (my hunger games)

a girl named maggie is put into the hunger games and she is from district 8 with a boy alot older than her that she's never even met but loves like a father. will the odds be in there favor?


5. Chapter 5


         Chapter 5

We arrive at the capitol and there is a big crowd of people watching the trains pull into the station.  I don’t even go over to the window to look I don’t care im gonna die. I know it I am. I sighed and walked to my room and plop down on my bed. A few minuets later I am told to get up and get off the train. Well maybe not like that. It was a little more harsh with words I wont repeat.  Im 13 years old and im being sentenced to my death oh great! We walk inside this huge building! It has christal chandelears and tile floor its so beautiful its like the train but so much bigger.  Lance comes up behind me and tries to give me a hug and says “im sorry” I ignore him and step out of the way so he hugs air. He dosent know this yet but im really good at holding a grudge. We are taken to an elevator it is so shiny the walls are silver and I can see my reflection and the floor is golden and almost as shiny as the walls. On the floor there is soooooooo much space im so tempted to do a cartwheel. But that would be juvinal. And Nobody would approve of that. “This is where you guys will be staying lance your rooms on the left and ma ma Maggie your on the right” says maddie stuttering over my name. “yes mamma” I say walking to the right lance comes up behind me again. “maggs im really sorry do you forgive me?” he ask and he looks like hes scared that if I don’t forgive him he will cry “yes I forgive you” I say smiling and giving him a hug, he rubs my back and I start crying “mag ma Maggie whats wrong?” he asks stuttering over my name. why cant people pronounce my name today. “I… I miss addie!” I said and I start bawling my eyes out into his shirt. Im showing weakness why am I crying this will make me look vaunerable im not a kid! I run away from lance he tries to put his arms back around me but I push them away and run to my room and lay on the bed and try and stop crying I end up falling asleep. 

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