LOST (my hunger games)

a girl named maggie is put into the hunger games and she is from district 8 with a boy alot older than her that she's never even met but loves like a father. will the odds be in there favor?


4. Chapter 4



         I wake up to an alarm.  I roll out of bed I have a huge head ache.  I got to start a shower its to confusing to many button and soap. I just start pushing random buttons. And I finally get the water to turn on its cold but its on so I hop in. when I get out there is a pair of black sweat pants and a red shirt I throw them on and head to breakfast. At the table I see lance and maddie. Lance looks bored and maddie just has her head down to the table. I go and sit next to lance. On the table there is a lot of food again.  Theres eggs pancakes toast everything that a  breakfast should be. I eat to much again. After breakfast I sit at the table and talk to lance. We talk about district 8 and then previous games and we hope maddie will join in but she dosent.        

         Im so scared right now because I don’t know what to expect almost every year the aena is differernt but  there is always wood and I know how to start a fire from helping my mother in the shop.  “I’ve never used a weapon before” I say concerned. “youll be fine that’s what training is for” says maddie, this is the first thing she has said this morning. “during training you will have a chance to try everything the capitol has to offer.” Maddie continues. “don’t you get judged on how well you train?” asks lance. “No, you get judged on how well you evaluate” maddie says as if it was an obvious answer. “evaluated?” i ask very confused. “yes you get evaluated on how much they think you would survive or how skilled you are. Honestly you two look hopelss” she said plain as day without showing and apologetic or sympathetic look at all. “ive been thinking that sense the reaping” I said  “but lance is strong and wise and …” “stop. No im not I helpless you on the other hand are small and fast if anyone has an advantage its you” he says interrupting me. “shut up you don’t know what your talking about you’ve gone insane and we haven’t even entered the arena yet” I say trying not to listen to the nice things he said.  “how about this exactly what our smart mentor said were both hopless.” He says he really dose have a look of sympathy on his face. “fine but you still have a better chnce then me” I retort plugging my ears with my fingers incase he decides to try and support his point, he dosent say anything except  I see him mouth ‘im sorry’.

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