LOST (my hunger games)

a girl named maggie is put into the hunger games and she is from district 8 with a boy alot older than her that she's never even met but loves like a father. will the odds be in there favor?


3. Chapter 3



         Maddie comes in and calls me and lance to a table. I sit down next to him and look at her. “you” she yells pointing at me “yes mame” I say trying to be as polite as possible “why are you here?” she asks “to win?” I say questioning my self. “wrong” she yells “you” she creams at lance “why are you here?”. “to represent my district” he says strong. “wrong” she says “you are here to prove that we can to show the capitol that you are not a weakling from district 8 to be strong” she says plainly

“if it helps I got kicked out of my school for violence issues”  I say looking down . I can feel both there eyes staring at me. I don’t look up im afraid of what will happen “may I be excused” I ask politely and before I got an answer I got up and ran towards my room with my head still down. I open the door and sit down on the bed. I fall back with my head on the pillow turn over on my stomache and cry.  I cry for about 15 minuets and then I hear a knock on the door. I don’t say anthing hoping who ever it was would just go away but they don’t. they knock again and again and again and finally they just burst into the room.

         It was lance I didn’t say anything. He just came and sat down on my bed and pats my shoulder. I flip back over on my stomach and look up at him. His eyes are green. Mine are blue.  I start to cry. Kisses me head and says everything will be ok and gets up and leaves.

         I sit up on my bed and look around. On the table beside my bed there is a book. I roll over to the side of the bed and pick it up. The cover just has a picture of a leaf on it and its leather. I lay back with my back againist the pillows. I open the book and start reading. It’s a story about a family that had to survive in the forests with out anything even the things that we call nesisitys. I love it I get lost in the story and I eventually fall asleep.  

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