LOST (my hunger games)

a girl named maggie is put into the hunger games and she is from district 8 with a boy alot older than her that she's never even met but loves like a father. will the odds be in there favor?


2. Chapter 2



 After breakfast a mean looking peace keeper comes and takes me away. At the justice building  I meet the other tribute his name is lance and he looks like hes about 16 or 17. I wonder if he will want to be allies. In the building we are taken to different rooms for visitors. Its been 15 muinets and no one has come to see me. After an hour a peacekeeper comes in and tells me to go outside to a train. On the train I am taken to a room that has a nice large bed. I am told to stay. I sit on the bed and just replay the last few days events in my head. I was chosen for the hunger games or also know as certain death, I am hated throughout all of district 8, nobody cares if I die,(except addie of course) im sitting here waiting for the person who will teach me how to survive.

         There are. Scratch that. There were 2 victors that would be lance and my mentors. But grandfather is dead so that leaves. Mental maddie. Mental is not her real name, the kids at my old school would just call her that because she is crazy she lost her mind in the arena and she might never go back to normal in fact she will never go back to normal so this years hunger games will end pretty fast for district 8 I have a feeling. Finnaly some peace keepers and maddie come into my room. She grabs my face. “who are you?” she screams at me. This frightens me but not a lot because I was semi expecting it. “my name is Maggie Holcomb I am 13 years old and I am a tribute in this years hunger games” I say pretty calm but kind of rushed and not very clear because  she was crushing my face. “interesting” she says and then walks out slamming the door behind her. I get up and go out of the room to find lance sitting on a couch watching the tevivision. I go and sit down next to him and watch the screen. It’s the reaping!  There on district 4 I missed 1 through 3 but ill look at it later. The district 4 tributes both look weak. I giggle a little but then I stop my self and I take the remote from lance and turn off the tv. He looks at me funny. I look him in the eyes and say “im scared” because I knew he would understand. I feel like a little kid saying this but it was true so I thought why not tell the person who could kill or save me and is in the same situation as I am. He puts his arm around my shoulder. “its ok I am too.” He says he is so strong and father like. And trust worthy I hope we will be allies. “it seems like that sister of yours is just as scared as you are” he says I look up and he has the tv back on. When I was blacked out apparently Addie tried to voulenteer but I yelled “NO” right before I fell to the ground. “I don’t remember any of that” I say  honestly “and shes not my siser shes my best friend and I love her to death right before the reaping I was praying it was not her”. I say spilling my gut. I start to cry. “its ok everything will be ok” he says “ill protect you” he said.  I look up at him and smile. He is so much stronger than me and older than me this made me feel a whole lot better “really?” I ask “I promise” he replies. He is such a good person and he is like the big brother ive never had. I love him like a father and I hope he will keep his promise.  

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