LOST (my hunger games)

a girl named maggie is put into the hunger games and she is from district 8 with a boy alot older than her that she's never even met but loves like a father. will the odds be in there favor?


1. chapter 1


Chapter 1


My name is maggie and I'm from district 8 I live in the most darkest and unwanted part of town and I hate it! My mother is a dress maker an my father tends to the house. I'm not home very much so I dosent really matter what my dad dose to the place. I go to a boarding school for "special" kids. I'm 13 years old and my name is in the bowl 32 times allready. I am not mentally challenged ya see I'm mentally scared. I have seen things that no man would ever want or intend on seeing. When I was 9 years old I went to visit my grandfather in the victor village for thanksgiving. I was sitting at the table helping my mother prepare the meal when some man broke into our house and beats my grandfather to death. It was a horrible bloody mess I am scared for life. And ever sense then I guess I've been a little aggressive ever sense and my parents and teachers found it dangerous to the other children. I go home for the holidays and for of corse the most dreaded reaping for the hunger games. I have a best friend here at school but she's not much of a fighter her parents sent her here for the experience I love her to death and if anything ever happened to her I would probly just kill myself right there on  the spot. I'm an only child thank God I would hate to have a little sibling to annoy me all the time. Tomarro is the reaping and the school bus is taking me and Addie (my bestfriend) home lets just pray she dosent get picked! I have to barrow a dress from Addie sense I don't own one . It's green my favorite color but I have to wear my sneakers because she has tiny feet! I throw my hair up in a pony tail with a black bow and head out of my dorm and out to the bus. Once I get home I hug my mother and father and head to the justice building where they will call the tributes. I'm sill prayin it's not Addie. I'm extremely tired I had to get up at the break I dawn to make it home for the reaping because it's in the morning! A odd lady comes up to the stage and gives a little speech I'm barely listening to untill I hear my name!! All I can think is thank god it's not Addie! I walk up to the stage and I think I'm shaking like a little dog and I can barely breath! I finally hear the other tribute but not clearly and then black out from exhaustion!! I woke up in the most comfortable bed at Addie's house, the guest room! I get up and walk down stairs and see her parents making breakfast pancakes with strawberries my favorite. I don't see Addie so I go up to her room and find her sitting writing in her notebook. She only ever wrote in her book when somthing was wrong.  I go and sit on her bed and look at what she was writing. I can't read it because the ink is smeared she's been crying. I can tell she's been crying for a while her face is blotchy and red and her eyes are blood shot I wonder if she slept. She looks up at me and squeezes my neck. I'm curious what was going on untill I snap back into reality. I just got drawn to compete in a fight to the death. The Hunger games. She's crying. No she's not crying she's bawling! I push her off of me and grab her hands and put them in mine I look her in the eyes and see the worry. I'm on the verge of tears now but I need to stay strong so Addie will calm down I squeeze her hands and look her In the eyes and say. "I promise you I will do my best and I will do it all for you" she puts her head on my shoulder and cries. She picks up her head gets up off the bed and runs to her dresser. She is rummaging through her drawer. She finally comes to sit down next to my and picks up my wrist an puts this beautiful bracelet on me. She looks me in the eyes and says "I'm just as scared as you are" she wipes her eyes "promise me you'll take this into the arena with you" I look her in the eyes and kiss her head "I promise" I say 

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