A dream that came true

this story is about a girl named Sofia who dreams of visiting Paris and one day her parents announce that they are going on a trip to France.But does Sofia know what to expect when visiting this magical place?


3. The Eiffel Tower

When Sofia and her parents got off the plane,they all got in a taxi cab and they headed towards their hotel.Once they finished checking in,Sofia ran upstairs and she opened the door and went inside the hotel room and looked out the window to see a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.Once everybody finished unpacking they went for a walk outside and they debated to see where they would all eat lunch.They passed some beautiful gardens and some French children playing a friendly game of hopscotch.Moments later they found themselves standing in front of one of the world's famous landmarks know as the Eiffel Tower.Sofia said:"Let's go eat inside the Eiffel Tower and when we are done eating we could take pictures on top of the Eiffel Tower." Then her mother said:Sofia,that sounds like a wonderful idea i would love to try that."So once everybody got in the elevator and got inside the restaurant they all sat down and started looking at the menu.Then Sofia noticed that a girl about her age was staring at her and Sofia guessed that the girl was American and she looked like she came from Miami like Sofia and her family did too.After a few minutes the girl stood up and started walking towards the table Sofia and her family were sitting at.

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