A dream that came true

this story is about a girl named Sofia who dreams of visiting Paris and one day her parents announce that they are going on a trip to France.But does Sofia know what to expect when visiting this magical place?


4. Sophie

When the girl stood in front of Sofia she recognized the girl as her best friend Sophie,the girl who went to middle school with her.Sofia stood up and said:"OMG!!! i can't believe it's actually you Sophie it has been so long since we have last seen each other!!!" then Sophie said"I know right i have missed you so much we need to hang out more often!!!" After the girls both finished their lunch,they told their parents that they were going out shopping together so they could catch up on each other's livesThey went to some French shops they have heard of and got beautiful clothes for low prices.They also went to stores like H&M,PRADA,and many more American/Italian/British clothes stores.Then they went shoe shopping together.They talked about high school,college,their courses and their grades,what kind of job their looking for,etc.They figured out that they were both staying at the same hotel and that they were both going to the One direction concert and Sofia agreed to give Sophie her other v.i.p. backstage pass.After they left their bags at the hotel,the girls took a walk before dinner because they decided to all have dinner together.Just before heading towards the hotel for dinner,the girls saw an add for modeling that paid 5000euros.They decided they would both try out together since they were looking for two young,beautiful and talented models.They would go at 10:30am to the auditions,and hopefully they would get the part together.The following morning the girls went and modeled for the agency,but after a few hours of posing and doing all that hard work they decided they were not cut out for the part so they went back to the hotel to get ready for the One Direction concert they had tonight.

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