A dream that came true

this story is about a girl named Sofia who dreams of visiting Paris and one day her parents announce that they are going on a trip to France.But does Sofia know what to expect when visiting this magical place?


1. Sofia

Sofia is a 20 year old girl that has blonde hair and freckles who dreams of going to Paris.She has read and bought every single book there is about Paris,France and she loves to spend hours looking it up on Google too.One day while she was doing her French homework,Sofia overheard some voices in the next room,which was her parent's bedroom.Sofia dropped her pen on her desk and she opened the door and stepped out.She overheard her father say:  "I think we should get Sofia a nice present since she just graduated from college." Then her mother said "But what would we ever get her it's not like she's so easy to figure out." then her father said "I think we should take Sofia to Paris,France since she's always asked us to take her there but we could never afford it,but this year i'm making more money recording songs for the famous One Direction plus they are having a concert there soon and i know how much Sofia would love to go backstage and meet Louis Tomlinson.The her mother finally said:"Fine, let's take her to Paris,France and she can also meet Louis Tomlinson and watch the concert  and we could take her to the Eiffel Tower and to the famous Louvre museum where they have the Mona Lisa." Sofia was so happy that she ran into her room, jumped on her bed, and started screaming in her pillow.When she finished doing that,she went outside and screamed: "I'M GOING TO PARIS,FRANCE AND IM GONNA MEET ONE DIRECTION'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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