A dream that came true

this story is about a girl named Sofia who dreams of visiting Paris and one day her parents announce that they are going on a trip to France.But does Sofia know what to expect when visiting this magical place?


5. Romance

When Sofia and Sophie got to the concert the place was already full of people.They were both wearing v.i.p. backstage passes around their neck.When they got to their seat and sat down,the show was about to begin.First,they began singing What makes you beautiful,One thing,I want,Everything about you,Stole my heart,Save you tonight,Live while we're young,Little things,and C'mon C'mon. Finally they sung Rock me,but before they sang Louis said:"I'm gonna pick one special girl in the audience to come up on stage with us while we sing Rock me.Then there was a spotlight on the crowd and it kept moving until it landed on Sofia and Louis said:"This girl will be our special girl tonight."Sofia started to walk up the stairs to the stage,and when she got up there she sat on the stool they had prepared for her to sit on.Then Louis had a sparkle in his eye and a smile on his face as he said:"What's your name young lady?" then Sofia said:"My name is Sofia,I'm 20 and i live in miami." then Louis said:"It's such a pleasure to meet a girl as young and as beautiful as you." Sofia blushed then the music started playing.After the song was over,she got her friend Sophie and they showed their v.i.p. passes to the guard and he let them through.When Sofia walked into the room with her friend,Louis looked her way,stunned that she was the same girl that had been up on stage just minutes ago.Louis started to say:"Wow!I can't believe you were the girl with backstage passes." then Sofia said:I loved your solo Louis it was great by the way,where are the others?" Louis said:"They have gone out for pizza,but would you like to go out and get a smoothie with me right now?" Sofia replied:"Sure,but what about my friend Sophie?" Sophie said:"Don't worry about me,i'll go back to the hotel and grab some dinner with my family i'll catch you later Sofia." and with that said,Sophie walked out and gave Sofia a big thumbs up.When Sofia and Louis got outside,Louis reached out for Sofia's hand,faced her towards him and he suddenly said:"Kiss me." So that's exactly what Sofia did.

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