A dream that came true

this story is about a girl named Sofia who dreams of visiting Paris and one day her parents announce that they are going on a trip to France.But does Sofia know what to expect when visiting this magical place?


6. 1st Date

Moments after Louis and Sofia had kissed,they were both walking to the smoothie shop holding hands.Sofia ordered strawberry banana and Louis got the same.When they finished their smoothies,Louis said:"Sofia I was wondering if,you would like to go out on a lunch date tomorrow?" Sofia said:"I would love to go out with you,how about 12:30 at LeBistro?" Louis replied:"sounds great,see you then Sofia." and with that Louis dropped Sofia off at the hotel and she went to Sophie's room to tell her that she was dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!!! After telling Sophie all about what had happened for the past hour,she went to her room and decided it was time to go to bed.The next morning,Sophie and Sofia ate breakfast,went to the Louvre,went shopping,and walked around.When they finished doing all that,it was almost time with Sofia's first date with Louis so Sophie said she was gonna take a nap at the hotel and that they could hang out later on.When Sofia arrived to LeBistro,she already saw Louis sitting in a table for two,holding a menu in his hands.Just as Sofia sat down,Louis looked up from his menu and smiled,grabbing Sofia's hand and leaning towards her so he could reach her lips,and for the 2nd time they kissed.From out of nowhere a waiter appeared and took their orders,and when they finished giving their orders the waiter took the menus and said:"Votre orders von etre prete dans 20 minutes." When the waiter walked away Louis said:"What the hell did he just say?" then Sofia said:"The waiter said our food will be ready in 20 minutes." Louis said:"Wow!I'm impressed,my girlfriend can speak more than one language." But when Louis finished saying that,Sofia spotted some people that look familiar when she realized in panic:THOSE GIRLS WERE HER WORST NIGHTMARE FROM SCHOOL KNOWN AS THE FRENCHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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