Letters To Him

Dear HIM,

I'm waiting for you, please come back to me.

I Miss You, HER.


1. Three Years Ago


Dear HIM,

I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel. How much I miss you. It's been almost three years since I last saw you. I was eleven, you were twelve.You wore a blue fitted T-shit and jeans. We went go-carting then tobbogoning, followed by a movie. I knew you didn't want to be there. You felt guilty.

My mom told me you were coming and I couldn't believe it. Your name just made me jump in excitment. She picked me up early from school that day, telling my teacher I had an appointment. My friends gave me a wink, knowingly, as we left. I'd told them our story and I told them you were coming.

I left the school and traveled the way home, trying to convince myself that the first thing I was going to do when I saw you was jump into your arms and hug you until I had to let go. When mom pulled into the driveway I saw you were arguing with your dad outside the house. I froze at the sight of you and goose bumps ran down my spine. Then I did as I always do, I chickened out and smiled at you instead.

Mom told me later that you were arguing with your dad because you weren't suppose to be there. You weren't allowed, according to your mom. But your dad brought you here for a visit. He knew it could have been your last chance to see me for a long time. He wanted you to enjoy it and not spend it worring.

You were angry with him but when you looked at me, across the driveway your face relaxed and you smiled back at me. Your eyes gazinging into mine with a look of desire. My body allowed me to relax at the look of you. I had been hoping for nothing more than to see you again for the past couple months. This was the longest time we had been apart from one another.

I walked up the driveway to you and we walked inside together, leaving the oarents behind. I showed you my room. It had changed a lot since the last time I'd shown you. There were posters hanging on my wall. You said they were ugly because you didn't approve of the pictures of my favorite actors hanging on my wall.

You spotted my cell phone sitting on my pink night table and asked for my number. We never got the chance to exchange them last time we saw one another, I didn't have a phone. I gave you the number and you gave me yours. I saved your name with a hear beside it and hoped you wouldn't notice. You did, and you showed me you'd done the same with my contact name on your phone. We laughed about it and caught up on all the new details of our lives.

You asked me if I was dating anyone at my school. I had to tell you the painful story of my ex-boyfriend; who, after seven months, was too chicken to break up with me so I made the move. Then he told all his friends that he 'dumped me hard'. I later found out he was using me because he knew it would make him popular if he had a girlfriend. I was easy bait and he used me.

You said you would go hunt him down and beat the shit out of him, that no one was allowed to treat me that way.

Then it was time to go out. You completely kicked my ass at go carts. Then you insisted we go rockclimbing. I beat you to the top but then insisted you let me win. I just think you stayed down to enjoy the view. You looked pretty happy.

We took pictures together. Just as friends of course. That was all we'd ever been since we'd met at the age of zero. Well, you were one but I knew you before my own little sister was born two years later. And you knew me before your little brother, four years younger than you.

When we returned home it was still light out so we all, the four of us, decided to go sleading. We shared a sled a few times and you always made sure I was in first as you clinged your arms around me. We would fall epicly into the piles of snow and soon a snowball fight was born.

Snowballs were being flung like there was no tomorrow. My sister and I against your brother and you. All of us were cold but we didn't care. We were laughing and having the most fun we'd had in months.

When we got too cold, you hugged me until I was warm again as we walked all the way home. It wasn't far but I enjoyed the warmth of your body on mine. At the house, we made hot chocolate and decided to watch a movie. It was hard to agree because I wanted to watch a comedy and you wanted to watch the new Saw movie. You knew I couldn't stand horor films but I think that's why you picked it; because I would be scared.

We agreed upon a horror with a lot of comedy. I laughed and screamed and held onto you for dear life. You were smirking the entire time. I miss your signature smirk. The was your lips parted. All I could think of was that I wanted to kiss you but I knew I couldn't. Not then.

At the end of the day, when the sun was just setting, it was time for you to leave. We said our goodbyes and you gave me a hug. I enjoyed the embrace we had only for a moment. Then I hugged your brother, who was like a younger brother to me and I huged your dad, that had been like a dad to me, goodbye as well.

That was the last time I saw you. Since then I had to return to my old, shitty life that didn't have you in it.

And now, all I want for Christmas is at the least, a phone call from you, just like the one you had for me for me on Christmas eve, three years ago.

I'm wating for you, please come back to me.

I Miss You, HER.

Everyone has a story to tell.

And this is mine.

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