The Portrait

A poem about a painting of a beautiful woman who seeks revenge on men who admire her after having her heart broken.


1. The Portrait

Lonely hearts come to stand and stare
To see her lustrous champagne hair
Crimson blushed cheeks like an English rose
An alluring smile which makes one forget their foes

Playful eyes which make you rethink your soul
Make you question what you think you know
Captured by her subtle sneer
Hair as soft as cashmere

For those who see her cannot live without
Once they've seen perfection their eyes fade out
To no one else does she begin to compare
True beauty captured in one glare

Melancholy runs its role
As depression and disappointment hits your soul
To have a knife or noose in hand
No longer can you hide your head in the sand

Suffocated pale bodies hit the floor
As their manipulated life is existent no more
Her spell has been cast as she gets her revenge
She once loved a man who did not ask for her hand

For now she is the one to play loves game
For the male race to feel the same
The smile on her face begins to grow
Such murder due to her agonizing woe

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