Kaci is kidnapped by One Derection along with her best friend Ashley and her little brother Trace. They won't let her go. Will Kaci escape? Will they die? Read to figure out.


4. Wet.

I woke up feeling a bit wet, like I peed myself.  looked over and Trace was not there. Shit. I forgot, Trace wet the bed occasionally, by accident. Then I heard a cry. "I'm sowwy! I won't do it gin! TISSY!" I shot up realizing it was Trace. I followed the cries to the living room. Blondie was spanking Trace furiouslly and Ash just stood there shaking from the shock. None of us had been hit before. DEFFINITLEY not Trace. I ran over and screamed stop. "Look, phsyco. I don't get what sick thrill you get out of hurting baby boys, but you go fufill that with another boy. NOT my baby brother. K?" I sassed. "What, do you ENJOY being pissed on? We set rules and rule number one is disipline. Plus, he's a big kid." He said. I grabbed Trace and went into the bathroom. His knees were shaking furiouslly. I pulled him into a hug and embraced the moment. I yelled, :Gimme the diaper bag." Niall threw it in. I opened it. I changed him into his onsee that had a bow tie on it and before I buttend it I changed his diaper. I gave him his sippy cup filled with apple juice and zipped the bag. I grabbed the pacee. (Yea, we treat him younger than he is....) I picked him up and plopped on the couch with him and Ash. I hugged her and said, 'it'll be okay, kay! I love you guys." The boys were obsering us as exotic parrots. "Names." Said buzz cut. "Hannah, and Ashley." I said. I bounced Trace. He giggled. I love when he giggles. No matter the situation were in, Trace is almost always happy. I just loved these two. Until Lewin, (i think thats his name,) piped up and gestured open arms "May I?" I looked him over and said "For a little bit." I handed him Trace and Trace gave me and odd look. Then wehn he got bounced around by him, he giggled so hard it was nuts. Then  everyone, whell, me Lewin and Ash chimed in to. Until Trace gestured for me to pick him up and he said, "Nap." I grabbed  the reciving blanket and Ash handed me a bottle from his baby bag. I poped the bottle in his mouth and swayed him until he slept.   

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