Kaci is kidnapped by One Derection along with her best friend Ashley and her little brother Trace. They won't let her go. Will Kaci escape? Will they die? Read to figure out.


3. My weakness.

Kaci's POV. "If you guys want some dinner holla at me." The quiff said. I wish I had names to call by these idiots. Maybe idiot 1 2 3 4 5. I decided to walk out and eat. But when I got out the boys, no monsters started asking me stupid questions. "SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!" With that the curly one pulled Ash out of the room, set me in and threw her in another one. He made me cry when I heard Trace scream. I started slapping the door and crying very hard, bawling actually. "NOOOOO....please." I cried out, pleading. I then heard one of them yell, "So that's your weakness. Haha!" The others laughed as if it was funny. It was not funny. It was cruel.  They took my baby (well not my baby, but I would be mom until we got back.)  And my BFTWGHBAB. ( best friend till we get hit by a bus.) Our inside joke. I decided to lay down. There was a tiny alarm clock that read 1:30 a.m. Danm. I thought. Then someone softly knocked on the door. I went up to it and softly whispered. "Ash? Is that you?" "No I-Its Niall." He softly whispered. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HER YOU IDIOT." I whispered back. "Do you want Trace or not." I flung open the door and picked up Trace. "I dear Lord, Trace. You scared me." I cried softly into him. "Tissy, I wanna sleep with you, Tissy." He sobbed violently. "Honey, where are you sleeping, baby?" " I-I a-I have to seep wit Darry and Zan." He sobbed.  Niall then piped "What is your name. I want to call you anything BUT Tissy." "Let's save names for later, blondie." I sassed. "He can sleep in here, only for tonite. Only because I dont want you to cry." He said. "Little late for that, Romeo." I said. And with that he left. Trace nuzzled himself into a ball cuddling with me. I clutched him, scared. But to save my family, I needed a plan. 

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