Kaci is kidnapped by One Derection along with her best friend Ashley and her little brother Trace. They won't let her go. Will Kaci escape? Will they die? Read to figure out.


2. Getting Out.... almost.

"The blonde one stayed with me and Ash to make sure we did not run away. "WHAT IN THE HELL?!?!?! WHO ARE YOU GUYS?" I screamed."Why, were One D." He said, happily. "Well, we are out." Ash said. and with that, I kicked him and he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Curly must of heard him, because with that he ran to me and grabbed me by my wrist and Ash by her hair. "Not so fast, doll face." And with that he threw us in the room. Niall was out, and I could hear muffled words beyond the door. "Fuck." I whispered to Ash. "We need Trace. Now." Then I heard a cry. "I WANT MY TLISSY!" That was the name Trace gave me when he was 6 months. Now hes 4 and to this day calls me it. Him crying brings me to tears. "GET ME OUT." I said. "Not till you respect us." one of them says. Ash, who typically gets mad when people, mostly my brother, gets hurt. "RESPECT DONT MEAN SHIZZ! GIVE US THE BABY!" She said while banging on the doors. Finally, it swung open.

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