Kaci is kidnapped by One Derection along with her best friend Ashley and her little brother Trace. They won't let her go. Will Kaci escape? Will they die? Read to figure out.


1. Kidnappers.

Kaci's POV     I awoke in a room with Ash and Trace. We were gone. I mean, in a house. Unfirmiliar, and one thing was straight we were not in California anymore. Suddenly a buzz cutted kid walked in and introuduced himself. Although, I couldnt hear him over Trace's screams, Ashley's squirming, and my crying. I had to get out. Fast. We were trapped. He left but then he came back with a knife. AHHHHHHH! We all chimed. IM JUST TAKING OFF YOUR ROPES! FOR GOD'S SAKE SHUT UP! We quit and then all five came in. The curly one said something about family, The one with a black quif with a blonde streak talked something about behavior and rules, and the blonde one was talking about food. FOR THE LOVE OF, WHY ARE WE HERE YOU PHYCOS???? I was cut of by the curly one. SHUT IT CURLY! He struck me and said,  Now, Now! Do not yell at your masters! With that, Trace got up and kicked him. Who ever knew a 4 year old could kick so danm good? Tracey boy, c'mere. Who's sissy's good boy? Love you! i said to my baby brother, cooing. With that blondie took Trace and slammed the door. NO TRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried. We were left with the other four. Thets go have some fun with the boy, hmmmm? The curly one said. NO! cried Ash and I. We hugged each other, crying. Who knew. 5 phsycotic teens who hurt little boys. Finally, I gripped Ash and said " we got to get out. Now."

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