The broken promise

hi my name is isabella matheois. i had brown hair with purple highlights but i died it blond. i am 5'4 and i am a singer/songwriter. i was originally born in new york but i moved to florida when i was 4. when i was 14 i moved to doncaster uk. there i met my best friend louis tomlinson. when we were both 18 he tried out for the xfactor and hasnt come back. now i am 21 and i actually go to a music university in ireland.i know the boys of 1d because they go there but i didnt know there was 5 of them.
find out what happens in the broken promise.


5. Twitter

Louis P.O.V:

A soon as i get off my plane i rush to MUI. See i was away on vacation and the boys were stuck at school. Once the limo reaches the school i literally run to the boys dorm to see them. I get welcomed in and you know all the i missed oh my gosh hi lou and stuff like that."Louis William Tomlinson you have to meet bella our room mate and sing writer." harry says."okay where is she.?" i ask."she is in her room writing a song but do not interupt her while she is singing shes a black belt and trust i almost died because of her." harry says."okay well i will go see her now."i say. As im walking towards bellas room i hear the sound of a piano and a beautiful voice. When i reach bellas room i knock on the door."what the hell do you want haz." she says and i start to laugh."its not harry love." i say. She then opens the door and i see the most beautiful creature on earth. Bella was so pretty and had blond hair light brown eyes and she was beautiful."okay you must be louis. One rule around here whenever im busy working on a song for you guys you dont bother me."she says."okay but can i come in." i ask. Well after fighting her for so long to let me in she finally did. Bella started o work on her song again and she had a beaifl voice. Bella reminded me of someone so much but i just couldnt tell who."if you dont get out in thr next five seconds you could looses an arm so get." she says. I then get out before i have only one arm."hey haz whats bellas twitter?" i ask harry."its @belladasinga" he says."thanks haz."i say. I go on twitter and look up @belladasinga. Of course i follow but then i decide to look at some of her photos. When i get down to her older photos i could not believe what i saw.

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