The broken promise

hi my name is isabella matheois. i had brown hair with purple highlights but i died it blond. i am 5'4 and i am a singer/songwriter. i was originally born in new york but i moved to florida when i was 4. when i was 14 i moved to doncaster uk. there i met my best friend louis tomlinson. when we were both 18 he tried out for the xfactor and hasnt come back. now i am 21 and i actually go to a music university in ireland.i know the boys of 1d because they go there but i didnt know there was 5 of them.
find out what happens in the broken promise.


4. present day.

Right now i am in ireland. i go to MUI or music university of ireland. I am now 21 and i have not seen louis in 3 years. I miss him so much. Also i have not broken my promise i have not forgotten about him. So anyways i met these guys in my college who i became very good friends with so i share a dorm with them. The boys names are harry, niall, liam , and zayn. They say they are in a band name one direction and they have 5th member but he decided not to come to the school. Also a new fact about me i died my hair blond. Anyways the boys fifth member is supposed to be coming today. I wont to meet him cause i locked   myself in my room all day to write the boys a new piece of music. Well that was until 1 o'clock when someone knocks on my door. of course i respond with"what the hell do you want haz." But he keeps knocking. I get up and answer the door and there stands im guessing the fifth member. Wait i know those eyes anywhere that is Louis!"hello love im louis whats your name." he asks." well what a promise breaker he is."im isabella." i say."oh okay cool well if you dont mind could you sing something for me because i thought i heard a voice from the other side of the door." he asks." umm maybe later because im trying to write a song right now."i say."okay but may i come in."he asks."yeah you can late but i seriously have to get back to work right now." i say."please pretty please let me take look around real quick." he asks."your not coming in." i say."oh yes i am." Louis then barges into my room."see the room now get out im busy."i say."no i wanna hear you play."he says."okay fine." i say. I start to sing the chorus of irresistible the song i was working on."you have a beautiful voice love."he says."yeah i know. btw if you dont get out in the next 5 minutes you might loose and arm so scoot it. Finally he left some peace and quiet for writing. i get back to work.


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