The broken promise

hi my name is isabella matheois. i had brown hair with purple highlights but i died it blond. i am 5'4 and i am a singer/songwriter. i was originally born in new york but i moved to florida when i was 4. when i was 14 i moved to doncaster uk. there i met my best friend louis tomlinson. when we were both 18 he tried out for the xfactor and hasnt come back. now i am 21 and i actually go to a music university in ireland.i know the boys of 1d because they go there but i didnt know there was 5 of them.
find out what happens in the broken promise.


6. How could i forget?

Still Louis P.O.V:

The pictures that i saw were of me and bella from 3 years ago. 3 years ago before i left for the xfactor. She was leaving to come here the day after i left for the xfactor. How did i forget about my bestfriend? Does she even remember me? What if she does? what if she remembers our promise? All these questions flew into my mind at once. Then bella comes out of the room."Boys i finished the so......Louis what are you looking at?" she asks."ummmm nothing its just something on twitter."i say."okay then" she says. Then all the boys come out."So lets go hear the song." liam says."wait niall i thought you write most of our songs." i say."yeah right i cant write a damn song." niall says."What?" i say."nevermind just lets go hear bellas song."niall says.We all go into bellas room and she starts to play the piano.

"dont try to make me stay or ask if im okay i dont have the answer. dont make me stay the night or ask if im alright i dont have the answer. heart ache doesnt last forever ill say im fine. mid night aint no time for laughing when you say goodbye. it makes you lips sooooo kissable and your kisssssss unmissable your finger tips so touchable and your eyes irresistible. ive tried to ask myself should i seee someone else i wish i knew the answer. but i know if i go now if i leave and im on my own tonight ill never know the answer." she sings and goes on with the rest of the song. Her voice it hasnt changed at all and its soooooo beautiful. When she finishes the song all of us clap."bellabear you need to keep that song for yourself." harry says."okay if you call me bellabear again i will seriously pull your arms out of you sockets put them in a blender and blend them. Then make you eat em. Oh and yah i know im keeping the song i wrote you guys another song." she says."oh okay is it as good as that one." zayn asks."yeah its really good." she says. Bella hands harry the lyrics and we all check them(magic lyrics) out."bella these are really good." i say."oh thanks those actually only took me about 15 minutes to write. I wrote it cause i know alot of you fans dont support your girlfriends and they dont realize the magically qualitys you see in them." bella says."yeah alot of our fans dont support perrie and dani." i say." yeah i know."Well boys thats about it now leave." bella says. All the boys leave but i say i need to talk to bells."hey bella can i talk to you?"i ask."ummm yeah what about." she asks."well its really simple. do you remember?" i ask.

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