The broken promise

hi my name is isabella matheois. i had brown hair with purple highlights but i died it blond. i am 5'4 and i am a singer/songwriter. i was originally born in new york but i moved to florida when i was 4. when i was 14 i moved to doncaster uk. there i met my best friend louis tomlinson. when we were both 18 he tried out for the xfactor and hasnt come back. now i am 21 and i actually go to a music university in ireland.i know the boys of 1d because they go there but i didnt know there was 5 of them.
find out what happens in the broken promise.


2. after the plane ride

That was the most boring thing in life. I am never going on a plane ride that long again. Once we were off the plane we collected our luggage and took a taxi to our new house. Once we got to our new house i got out and went inside. It was farely big  but not huge. There was a swimming pool out side along with a big field behind parents had brought all of our luggage and said the moving truck would be here soon.i decided to go out front and practice some soccer. I started playing but shortly after a very cute boy who looked about my age came by."hi im louis you must be my new neighbor." he said."yeah thats me im your neighbor" i replied."so whats your name" he asked."im isabella but you can call me bella for short." i answer." okay so bella you play football." he asks."yeah a little but i call it soccer." i say." well your in the U.k now so you must call it football." he says. "Fine mr.bossy. you wanna play a 1 on 1 game of FOOTBALL."  i say emphasising football." thank you and yeah sure but im gonna win." he says."yeah lets see that happen."i reply. We play to 15 points and i ended up winning."how did you beat me?" he asks."i am the fifa master." i say."wow no on has ever beaten me and football before."Louis says." well i just did." i say. After that my mom walks out and tells me that i need to come in for dinner."i had a lot of fun louis."i say. "yeah me two well see you later bye." he says. "bye louis see yah." Maybe moving to doncaster wasnt that bad. 

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