The broken promise

hi my name is isabella matheois. i had brown hair with purple highlights but i died it blond. i am 5'4 and i am a singer/songwriter. i was originally born in new york but i moved to florida when i was 4. when i was 14 i moved to doncaster uk. there i met my best friend louis tomlinson. when we were both 18 he tried out for the xfactor and hasnt come back. now i am 21 and i actually go to a music university in ireland.i know the boys of 1d because they go there but i didnt know there was 5 of them.
find out what happens in the broken promise.


1. 7 years ago.

isabellas P.O.V:


OMG!!!! I hate my parents right now. my dad is getting transferred for work again. This time we have to go all the way to doncaster,uk. This sucks. I have to leave my best friends morgan, kennedy,zoey, gilbert, and my cousin roger(thats a long story).We leave tomorrow morning and tonight i am going to a farwell party.

Skip to party.

I just arrived at the party and morgan  the door.''hey bella im going to miss you so much but right now lets try and have lots of fun." I walk into morgans house and there stood all of my friends. Gilbert kennedy zoey molly nick chloe and maddie were there along with my cousin roger." omg thank you so much you guys you didnt have to do this for me!!!" i say."well we are going to miss you so why not have one more night of epicness." gilbert says. First we all played fifa my favorite game. me being the champion i won. next we all watched paranormal activity 2. I was the only one who didnt scream and jump out of my seat. Finally we have double fudge cake with double fudge oreos covering the top. I love that cake. It was now12 o'clock and my parents would kill me if i wasnt home soon." guys im sorry but its getting late and i have to go, gotta be at the airport by 6 tomorrow" i say."okay i will miss you so much bells and you better call text and skype me."morgan says."dont worry i will call text and skype all of you. i love you guys thanks so much for the party. never thought i would say this but bye." with that walked out.

Next morning.

The next morning i woke up and it was 5 o'clock. right on time. i woke leia, my twin sister, up and then nathan my brother up. I went to go take a shower after that and  i took a 15 minute shower. Afterwards i brushed my teeth and blow dried and curled my hair. I then went to put on my blue swetpants from pink and my cheer tshirt. I dressed compfy for the 19 hour plane ride. I went down stairs and san to since it was only 5:30 i ran to starbucks to get a coffe. When i got back we had to leave so i got in my familys silver honda pilot and we were off.

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