My Dad's in a boyband?

It's about a little girl named Samantha, her twin brother Alex and her younger sister Marley. Read to learn who my farther is.... in ' My Dad's in a boyband?


2. She's gone, she's really gone

Sam's POV


 I was sitting on the carpet with my only girl-friend, Lottie Tomlinson. We were only 2 years old, and she had to move back to Doncaster the next day. My mommy and mommy T. were both pregnant. The next thing I knew Lottie was in her mommy's arms, and I'm in my mommys arms too. We walk to the door saying our good-byes.


 "I gonna mizz oo Loeloebear!" I say crying


 "I goa mixs oo two Samie -bear, and oo Aly-bear." Lottie said crying as well we have been best friends since birth.


Lottie's POV


 I'm gonna miss her. She was my only girl friend


"Let's go Lottie." mommy said " I need to pack the last few boxes before we move." Mommy continued.


 "Wuv oo Samie-bear, and Aly-bear." I said to Sam and Alex.


"Wuv oo loeloe-bear." Sam was full on crying now.


Sam's POV


She's gone she's really gone.


 "I MIZZ LOELOE-BEAR! Mommy I sleepy, mo-" and I fell in to a deep sleep before I finished my sentence.


Alex's POV


 I fell in love with her, and now she will never know.

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