My Dad's in a boyband?

It's about a little girl named Samantha, her twin brother Alex and her younger sister Marley. Read to learn who my farther is.... in ' My Dad's in a boyband?


16. Films

Louis' POV

Im so happy that I've finally got my family back!

But Im still wondering who Marley's father is, cuz it cant be me I left before the twins where born

which was 13 years ago!

"Lou? You Okay?" my curly haired friend said.

"hmm.. oh.. yea 'm fine! Why?"

"You zoned out on us. We where gunna watch a film.." Zayn got cut off by Sam saying

"What film!?"

"What um.. film do you wanna.. watch?" Alex said as

Sam's friend Taylor.. I think sat on his lap. Weird.

"I wanna watch.. hmm.. Sam? Can ya think of one?" Taylor said towards Sam

"Hmm... HAIRSPRAY!! I looovvve  that movie! please please!"

"I don't think we have-" poor Liam tried to say

"I have it! its in my room!" Sam interrupted Liam

"Why is it in your room?" Harry ask her

"So I can watch it! Duh! What else do you think!" Wow she's so sassy!

"Go get it then! if you wanna watch it so we can watch K sweetie!" I said as she jogged towards the stairs.


(A/N if you don't know the movie ill try and post it after I find the search thingy

but you can just go to YouTube and search for it yourself!

comment if you've seen Hairspray before! I love the movie!)

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