My Dad's in a boyband?

It's about a little girl named Samantha, her twin brother Alex and her younger sister Marley. Read to learn who my farther is.... in ' My Dad's in a boyband?


1. An Introduction to me.

First im going to tell you all what i look like:

My name and nicknames: Samantha/Sam/Sammie


Looks: My hair is golden-brown but, I dyed my hair red so now I have red hair.


My eyes are greenish-brown. Sometimes people say yellow. I don't think so.

Height: I'm 5'3 or 5'4.

and I LOVE food {like Niall]

Family: My twin brother's my name is Alexander, but everyone calls him Alex. His hair is golden-brown like mine. His eyes are greenish-brown. And he's around 5'4.

Our youngest sister's name is Marley (I sometimes call her Mars). Her hair is brownish-golden with auburn streaks. Her eyes are greenish-brown. And shes 4'3.


Our mom is Gemma Styles.

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