My Dad's in a boyband?

It's about a little girl named Samantha, her twin brother Alex and her younger sister Marley. Read to learn who my farther is.... in ' My Dad's in a boyband?


5. 5

Louis' POV 


 "Gemma I need to talk to you." I said to Gemma

 "Oh, ok Lou, what do you need?" She said.

 "I-I l-l-"

 "You what Lou? Spit it out. Tell me please." she's said.

 " I love..." Was all I could say.

 "I love you too, Lou." She loves me!

 "Will you mind if I'm the father of our kids Gem?"

 "I would love a hus-boyfriend." *ding* I opened the door to see a boy around Marley's age (ten) at the door

 "Hi." he said.

 "Alex is in his room."

 "Ugh, I hate you! I hate my life! I wish I could just die right NOW!" Sam said running up the stairs crying. I look back at the door and there's nobody there.


Samantha's POV


 Once I get to my side of the room ( me and Alex share a room since that little brat stole Alex's old room) there's a knock on the door, and I see three people come to my side of the room.

 "Sam I'm using my bathroom

 "What? That's mine and Alex's bathroom you go to the one in YOUR ROOM!"


 "NOW!" I yell at the top of my lungs.

 "Uncle NiNi Sam hit me!"

 " LIAR GO TO HELL THAT'S WERE YOUR EX-BOYFIREND GABE WANT GO COS HIS NOT A-" I as yelling at Mars when someone's hand is over my mouth, of course I lick it.

 "Eww! Did you just lick my hand?"

 "Yes." and with that said I start crying, because I feel pain in my shoulder.


 "Hmm." was all I could say.

 " Sam y-y-you ok?" Then everything went black.


 Alex's POV

  "Sam!" I cried as she fainted. "Mum, Lou, Uncle 1D get up here and hurry. Oh call 911!" I yell at everyone.

  "Gabe babe I'm in Sam's room." Mar tells Gabe.

 "Marley we need to talk." Gabe said.

 "Oh what about?"

 "I'm breaking up with you..."


 A/N: hope y'all like first movella please leave a comment what you want to happen next!😀

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