Happy For You<3

When Krystal's best friend Emma finds out she is dating Justin Bieber, she is instantly jealous, but she is happy for them, the truth is......she just wants someone of her own.


2. Two Years And Still Going Strong

Justin's POV-

I remember when I first laid eyes on you, you were the most perfect girl i've ever seen. You are perfect to me because your imperfect. You aren't afraid of what people think of you. We've been dating for two years today, and we are still going strong. We are more in love then ever.....and so tonight, i'm going to take you out to the most  romantic dinner ever, because I love you.


Phone Conversation-

Me: Hey babe, are you ready?

Krystal: Yup, i'm waiting for you on my porch.

Me: Okay, i'm turning down your street right now, see you in a sec, love you.

Krystal: Okay love you, too.

-End Of Phone Conversation-

I pulled up in her driveway and was instantly amazed, she looked so amazing.

She was wearing a deep blue Christmas dress with black heels and the diamond necklace and bracelet I got her last year.

I got out and walked up to Krystal's porch, I held my arm out and she grabbed it and we walked to the car, I opened the passenger door of my car and let her in.

I walked around and got in then started the car and started driving to the restauraunt I am taking her to.

I am taking her to 'The Addison' in San Diego. It's a fancy French restauraunt and I rented it out for the night, so only a chef and a waitor will be there.

I pulled up to the parking lot and Krystal gasped.

"Oh my gosh!"

"I knew you would like it." I said, laughing.

Then the paprazzi pulled up, how would they know we were here?

"What if Emma sees these pictures? She's seen pictures of us together for years, and I've had to lie to her about all of them! She'll figure out we are dating with these pictures!" Krystal whispered worringly.

"Well, you'll just finally have to tell her the truth, babe. She has to know." I replied, putting my hand on her shoulder and kissing her, "Now, let's go have a great two year anniversary." 

"Okay." She sighed.

We walked up to the door to get in, and the paparazzi blocked the entrance.

They ruin everything, but i'm not letting them ruin this night.

I pushed them out of the way and tried to get in, but on of the pushed me up against the glass door and my head his it, well really my face hit it, and my nose started bleeding.

"Come on guys, can me and Krystal just have a good night." I asked them.

A guy who looked middle aged with faint gray hairs and glassed said, "Only if you tell us the truth about you and this 'Krystal' girl, we just want to know cuz we've been taking pictures of you guys on dates for years, are you guys a couple or not?"

"Obviouly we are, we've been dating for two years, wow i'm surprised you haven't figured this out. But yes. Now, i've answered you question, so can we just enjoy our date for once?" I explained.

"Yes, thank you, good bye, Mr.Bieber." He said and they all walked away.

We walked inside and Krystal went in the bathroom and came back with a damp paper towel.

"Now, let's clean you up and finally enjoy a date." She said, and started dabbing my face and nose where the blood is.

I kept flinching because I really stung, it turns out I have a couple cuts on my face from hitting the glass and probably a broken nose.

When she finished she kissed me and then we finally enjoyed our two year anniversary.

Just then Krystal got a phone call.....

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