Happy For You<3

When Krystal's best friend Emma finds out she is dating Justin Bieber, she is instantly jealous, but she is happy for them, the truth is......she just wants someone of her own.


3. Tears Of Grievance

Justin's POV-

"Oh, it's my mom!" She exclaimed.

"Put it on speaker." I said, I love talking to her mom!

She answered the phone, "Hi Mom!"

"Heyyy mamma!" I exclaimed, she loves it when I call her mamma, I think one of the reasons is because she thinks that me and Krystal will DEFFINATLY get married someday.

Krystals mom is a model for American Eagle and some other small local clothing agencies.

"Hello Krystal." An unfamiliar voice said, it sounded like a man.

"Uhm...you aren't my mom." Krystal excalimed.

"No, I am Doctor Anderson, I have some news." The 'doctor' said.

"What?" I said impatiently.

"Well, Krystal, your mother was on her way home and got killed in a car accident." He said.

"W-w-w-w-w-hat?!?!?!?!" I yelled, beginging to shake. I looked over at Krystal and she was completely motionless, her face was pale, and her eyes all of a sudden full of hurt, and maybe a little hate.

"I'm very sorry for your loss." The doctor said in a voice that sounded like he says it over and over again, which he probably does.

"No, you aren't sorry. You will NEVER be sorry! You are never sorry, it's just something you say to EVERYONE! YOU AREN'T DAMN SORRY! IF YOU EVEN GAVE THE HELL YOU WOULD'VE TRIED TO SAVE HER! YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T EVEN TRY! YOU JUST LET HER DIE! DOCTOR...HA! SUCH A JOKE! YOU DON'T SAVE PEOPLE LIVES! YOU RUIN THEM!!!!" I screamed/yelled into the phone, he tried to say something but I hung up on him before he could even start.

Our waiter came out with our food. "Take it away." I said.

"But sir-" I cut him off.

"JUST TAKE IT AWAY!!!!" I yelled.

I grabbed Krystal's hand and ran out of the resteraunt, cameras were flashing at us from every angle, I was not in the mood.

I felt a million tears fall down my face every second. I can't believe this is HAPPENENING!!!

"Justin-" I cut off the reporter.

"When someone is upset, crying, or angry, just leave them alone, right now thats me and my girlfriend, SO LEAVE US ALONE!" I snapped.

Paparazzi were coming from every angle, I was starting to get clausterphobic.

I started freaking out, looking for a way to get out, I can't deal with this right now, I just need to be home.

"Can I have a picture?" Some girls that looked like they were in their middle 20's asked.

"Sorry, not right now. Some other time." I said as nicely as I could.

"Okay." They said walking away.

"BACK UP!!" I yelled at the paparazzi, some moved but some didn't. I started pushing through, still holding onto Krystal's hand.

One guy punched me in the face, whats up with people punching me?

I started looking at every angle, freaking out, sweating, and crying.

"He is clausterphobic, please move!" Krystal yelled.

With that some moved, but still most didn't, I started getting dizzy, and passed out right there in the middle of the parking lot on what was supposed to be a perfect night, ruined.

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